Sunday, 1 September 2013

Super Easy Lasagna with Rice paper

There are numerous gluten free lasagna recipes around the net, but they all seem to contain gluten free lasagna sheets. Urgh. And Cheese. Hrrumph. And White sauce. Grrrumph. and - Ok you get the Idea. So one day I was browsing the net urging at lasange sheets, humphing at cheese and growling at white sauce, when I found this recipe I was so exited to see the rice paper in it I forgot to read the directions and besideds It has cheese in it (Hrrumph!). In this version I use hummus to replace cheese but if you don't have an intolerance/allergy you are perfectly welcome to adapt. To make this even easier, use frozen left overs for this for a 5 minute shove-in-the-oven favorite.

Super Easy Lasagna


550g lamb mince (frozen)

550g pork mince (frozen)

2  680 gram bottles tomato puree

1 head broccoli
1 carrot
4 brussel sprouts

1 stick celery 

1 medium capsicum

3 medium tomatoes

1/2 cup chopped beans

1 cup water

1/2 cup hummus (optional)

rice paper (about 40 sheets)


Place the meat in a saucepan on high heat and cover. Blend all vegetables with all the water and 1/4 of the tomato puree  until smooth. Add the veggie mix and the rest of the tomato to the meat in the saucepan. Stir. Cover, and cook for 15-20  minutes. Uncover and cook off extra liquid for about 15 minutes Soak all sheets one at a time in boiling water for about 5 seconds. They should still be stiff. Layer four sheets on to of each other and pour over a 2 inch layer. Cover with rice paper and repeat four times or until you run out of space. Spread hummus over and add a final layer of rice paper. Bake for 20 - 30 minutes.