Friday, 4 October 2013

Blog Name Change

My blog name needs to change.

Not because I don't like my title, but because my blog is lost in a sea of spam websites trying to cheat you on free stuff. I am NOT trying to cheat you, I simply want to share my Gluten Free dairy free sugar free corn free recipes with you. Even though that doesn't sound simple at all. I can hardy call it "Simply gluten Free dairy free sugar free corn free" can I? It just doesn't sound simple. There are two issues with changing my blog name. One: It will delete all comments I already have. Two: Changing my title will mean changing my URL and that means you will no longer be able to find my blog at Don't worry I'll tell you the new URL before I set it ;). Three: I err- don't know what to change it to! I feel quite annoyed admitting it! My current Ideas are:

Layla's Lunchbox

The Empty Shelf (TAKEN)

The Empty Pantry (TAKEN)

Layla's Pantry (I feel like I'm ripping off  Elana's Pantry though...)

Factory Free Foods  (It's okay...)

Take A Bite (There is no indication about it being gluten free though...)

Layla's Recipe Box (I feel like I'm cheating Carla's Gluten Free recipe box)

I guess that leaves Layla's Lunchbox. I'll check if it's taken. It's a shame about the Empty pantry/shelf. I really liked them. 
 So if you like any of my ideas or  have any idea's of your own would certainly welcome comments with suggestions.

Layla Falcon